Your Perfect Coffee Roastery: Experimentation – Start with the flavour goal in mind (the customer, even if it is yourself) Summary The blog post “Your Perfect Coffee Roastery: Experimentation” highlights the significance of experimenting with coffee roasting. It critiques traditional methods like the 2004 SCA cupping form and Rate of Rise paradigm, suggesting they contradict […]

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Summary The blog post focuses on controlling the coffee roasting process. It discusses techniques for detecting roasting variations, the role of customer perception in coffee quality, and the influence of roast color and development time on flavor. It also covers strategies to avoid roasting defects, explores the thermodynamics of coffee roasters, and advises on adapting

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Coffee Roasting, Life Quality, Success, and Fulfilment: Your Perfect Coffee Roastery

This blog explores how coffee roasting is more than just a business; it’s a journey that intertwines personal values, sensory science, and customer engagement. Key insights include applying Clayton Christensen’s ‘Jobs to be Done’ theory, Ken Wilber’s Integral theory, mastering sensory skills for quality control, and aligning your roastery with personal growth. Whether you’re a seasoned roaster or new to the field, this post emphasises the importance of continuous learning and experimentation to find your way (and your roast profile curves!) rather than ‘following somebody else’s curves’. The purpose is to create great coffee, a fulfilling life, and a vibrant community in which your deepest values, passions, and purpose are the heart of your organisation’s value.

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