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The Concept of Quality pt. 1

What defines high quality in coffee? It is perhaps not as simple to answer as we initially might think. So what is it, and how can we deliver high quality to our customers? Quality is an abstract concept that is commonly used in industries. A ‘high quality product’ has positive connotations like superior, refined or ideal in terms of product…

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Business Model Canvas

Get your free copy of CoffeeMind's version of The Business model canvas here by clicking the image: The Business Model canvas is a tool for business development so that you can focus on your how you could structure the business around your coffee product in a direction of your liking. You can read more about it here:

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How to never run out of your favorite green coffee

Origins sell out. I can always guarantee my costumers ‘Brazilian’ or ‘Guatemalan’ coffee. In commodity this is the most specific level products are defined on. Actually, often this is even way more specific than the supermarket blends where sometimes you wonder, if it is 100% coffee at all… In specialty its different. Here transparency is key. Which is great. At…

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