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We are looking forward to welcoming you to the capital of Denmark. There are plenty of interesting things to do and see in Copenhagen during your spare time, so don’t worry, your stay here will not just be about coffee.
Here we have compiled an easily accessible overview of where to sleep, eat and do some shopping. And of course a few tips on where to get caffeinated!


If you would like to explore Copenhagen's lovely center while you are here, we suggest that you choose the accommodation that matches your budget at i.e hotels.com, booking.com or airbnb and make sure that is close to the central station or the station of Nørreport, as the S-trains (A or E) that take you in the direction of the course location depart from these stations.

If you just want a hotel as close as possible to the course location (approx. 5 km) you should choose:

Scandic Hotel Hvidovre


Copenhagen is a food mecca and you can find restaurants to suit all wallets and tastes. One of the trendiest areas right now is the old meatpacking district, Kødbyen, quite close to the main railway station. Here you will find a myriad of restaurants, bars and discos.
Cofoco is the name behind a bunch of guys who have managed to establish some of the city’s best-for-price restaurants. You never go wrong in one of their many restaurants with different themes. The latest additions, Höst and Llama require dinner reservations in advance. See www.cofoco.dk
You will find a similar concept in the various popular restaurants of the famous Danish TV chef Anders Aagaard: http://www.madklubben.dk/en/about-madklubben/
Visit also Nyhavn – a classic attraction for the first time visitors in Copenhagen. Here along the canal you will find an evocative part of Copenhagen with pubs and restaurants serving traditional Danish cuisine – but watch out – it’s a tourist trap.

At VisitCopenhagen you can find suggestions for all kinds of restaurants and wallets!

For Coffee shops check out European Coffee Trip's page that is constantly being updated and reviewed!


Copenhagen’s pedestrian street, also known as Strøget, offers more than a kilometre of shopping temptations, and houses all the big chains that you might recognise from your own country 😉 In the small charming narrow streets surrounding Strøget, you can find some smaller shops with Danish designs.
Wanna be a hipster? Then visit the neighbourhoods of Vesterbro and Nørrebro with the trendy cafés and small shops in Jægersborggade, Elmegade, Værnedamsvej and Istedgade. The neighbourhoods of Østerbro and Frederiksberg are more residential but still offer a lot of charm, shopping and cafés.
If you like big shopping centres, you can check out Fields which is one of Scandinavia’s largest shopping centres. Another big shopping centre very close to Copenhagen’s central station is Fisketorvet or the Frederiksberg Center just at Frederiksberg Station.


Copenhagen airport is just outside the city centre, so when you arrive by plane, you can quickly and easily reach the centre and settle in at your accommodation. You can either take a metro train to the Nørreport station, or a regional train to Copenhagen Central station – both options will take you about 20 minutes to reach the heart of Copenhagen and from there you can continue by foot to your accommodation.
Of course you can also take a taxi from the airport directly to your hotel (expect a price of about 300 kr). Coffee Mind Academy is situated only 12 minutes by car from the airport and the city centre. Copenhagen’s public transport consists of a solid network covering most of the city with buses, subway trains and S-trains. Here you can read all you need to know about public transport and different tickets: https://dinoffentligetransport.dk/tourist/info/

Alternatively, why not do as the people of Copenhagen do themselves: bike! There are many possibilities for renting bikes at reasonable prices, and the city is geared up with wide cycling lanes pretty much everywhere.

For further details and tips to help plan your stay in Copenhagen perfectly, we recommend that you visit the official website of Wonderful Copenhagen: http://www.visitcopenhagen.com/copenhagen-tourist


The address is:

Kontra Coffee
Jernholmen 45E
2650 Hvidovre

The exact coordinates are 55.607043, 12.491117 and will bring you to the front door.



Getting there from city Centre by public transport
The closest S-train station is Friheden station (12 – 14 min ride from Copenhagen Central Station and Nørreport Station) and from there you can take a Bus 139 and 10 min later you will be at the right building.
You can check the possible connections at Rejseplanen

You can purchase a single ticket (3 zones from the city center to our training facilities) each time you start a journey, or, more convenient, you can purchase a City Pass Small that covers the area from the airport - city center - CoffeeMind's training facilities. Tickets and City Passes can be purchased in ticket machines located in all stations or in the DOT Tickets app.
Read more about the City Pass here: https://www.publictransport.dk/tickets/city-pass

From the airport
Our training facilities are situated just 12 min in taxi from the airport and no public transport would be worth considering as an alternative on that route.

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