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CoffeeMind is a Copenhagen-based Coffee Academy established by Morten Münchow providing unique educational coffee courses, plus invaluable research and consultancy services within the various areas of the Speciality coffee industry for both individual customers and companies.

As a scholar in Biology and a sucessive ten years of both intense practical and scientific experience, Morten Münchow has gained a great insight to the various aspects of the speciality coffee industry worldwide, enabling him to deliver inspirational and effective coffee courses with a high level of expertise.


Our continuous focus is on being the leading provider of high quality education, training and consultancy within the speciality coffee business worldwide. We aim to be the most advanced link between the coffee business and academic institutions as project incubators and coordinators in this area.


We strive to deliver unique and personalized learning experiences of high quality for both new and well-established companies within the Speciality coffee industry through a range of coffee courses delivered by our CoffeeMind Academy, Consultancy and Research services.


In order for us to deliver the best learning experiences, we continuously focus on improving the quality of our services. By engaging in several research activities in collaboration with SCAE and the Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen, we stay on the edge of Specialty coffee research. Additionally, by having high involvement in SCAE’s certification system, we can ensure the best business certification systems through implementation of state of the art handcraft skills and knowledge.


We have a passion for helping others through knowledge in Speciality coffee and entrepreneurship – together this gives us the incentive to deliver great learning experiences from both an enthusiastic and business oriented perspective.


In order for us to deliver the best possible learning experiences, we ensure that we continuously build and nurture relationships with all our customers. We believe that in order to provide the best possible learning for our customers, much focus must also be placed on creating a great atmosphere for every participant involved.


Through a creative mindset, we ensure that we continuously seek new ways of keeping our coffee courses fresh and interesting for our customers. In order to do so, we establish multidisciplinary projects as well as corporate with several large businesses and institutions within areas such as; arts and sciences, chemistry, biochemistry, chemical systems, texture, foam dynamics and sensory sciences – of which we continue to learn and improve.

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