The synergy between our education, consultancy and research activities is the source of CoffeeMind’s unique value generation, innovation, problem solving and passion.

CoffeeMind creates value by working cross disciplinary primarily by bridging scientific methodology with business practices. Generally we establish collaboration and friendship between different cultures whether that be bridging small businesses and academics, science and humanities, technical business aspects with existential purpose, beginner's mind with expert mind or different geographical and cultural regions in the world. 

We seek partnership with colleagues in the business rather than competition.

We nurture our personal and professional excellence by investing in connecting our work activities with our deeper interests and talents which makes it second nature for us to support our customers to do the same. We support our employees and customers to step up to be the best they can be in a friendly environment with a good work-life balance. We choose employees, partners and customers with whom we share direction in life which create win-win situations on deeper levels and taps into deeper effort from both sides.

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