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Milk for Coffee

Scientific exploration of Milk for Coffee has been a hobby for Morten since 2003 where he first started his interest for coffee. His first appearance with a presentation in milk was on Iceland in 2004 where he presented a model of understanding cappuccino foam merging organic foam theory with milk chemistry. This work led to several smaller research projects on…

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Quality does not sell itself

Great to have you here! In this blogpost I want to share some background for the studies we did on Behavioral Economics as there was a lot of things going on that lead to the studies that the are now published in The British Food Journal (, Cafe Europa Magazine (September 2016) and Reco ( The first study we did…

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Sensory Science and Common Business Practises

Last Wednesday CoffeeMind held a presentation at Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London. The presentation focused on quality control and how to improve sensory skills. It was presented by Ida Steen, MSc of Sensory Science from Department of Food Science in Copenhagen, and Morten Münchow, Lecturer at Food Science at the University of Copenhagen, this two-hour presentation inspired the participants to take…

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Variation analysis of roast colour measurement

This article basically gives you a tool to answer these two crucial questions concerning you way of handling colour measurement equipment: Which grind size gives me the best results? How many replicates of each sample is ‘enough’? I recently had the pleasure to roast coffees for a university project where consistency in the roast was key to minimize variation in…

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Customize the fat percentage in your milk

First a warning: This is geeky, slightly – if at all – useful. It might be just me, but I think its fun.. Baristas play with all sorts of parameters. Why not play with the fat percentage of the milk? I have developed a method and a accompanying formula you can use. In the example below I have used a Danish…

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