Coffee science

Organic acids in coffee. Is it relevant at all?

Differentiation and identification of organic acids in coffee education has been a major topic in all established education systems and still is. We have always been really sceptical about it’s relevance and have been carrying out some experiments looking into this, and in this video I explain our findings

Milk for Coffee

Scientific exploration of Milk for Coffee has been a hobby for Morten since 2003 where he first started his interest for coffee. His first appearance with a presentation in milk was on Iceland in 2004 where he presented a model of understanding cappuccino foam merging organic foam theory with milk chemistry. This work led to …

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Quality does not sell itself

Great to have you here! In this blogpost I want to share some background for the studies we did on Behavioral Economics as there was a lot of things going on that lead to the studies that the are now published in The British Food Journal (, Cafe Europa Magazine (September 2016) and Reco ( …

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