Profile log for SCAE Roasting Pro

For the tasks and challenges in the new Roating Professional module for the SCAE Certification Diploma System I have developed this Profile log: ProfileLogSCAE-Professional Please refer to these two blogpost to have the concepts on the Profile log explained: Percentage difference Profile analysis

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Roast profile analysis

This blog post is sketching out the basics of a roast profile analysis and introduces the concepts and basic calculations that are part of the exam for the Roasting professional in the SCAE Coffee Diploma System. A roast profile is a graphs that shows the temperature development during a roast cycle and preferably both bean and […]

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Percentage difference

This blogpost explains how to understand and calculate percentage change as this calculation is part of the SCAE certification system on the roast log template you can download: here So let us get right go business: If a process changes from x to y the percentage of change is referring to how big the change […]

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How to never run out of your favorite green coffee

Origins sell out. I can always guarantee my costumers ‘Brazilian’ or ‘Guatemalan’ coffee. In commodity this is the most specific level products are defined on. Actually, often this is even way more specific than the supermarket blends where sometimes you wonder, if it is 100% coffee at all… In specialty its different. Here transparency is […]

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Variation analysis of roast colour measurement

This article basically gives you a tool to answer these two crucial questions concerning you way of handling colour measurement equipment: Which grind size gives me the best results? How many replicates of each sample is ‘enough’? I recently had the pleasure to roast coffees for a university project where consistency in the roast was […]

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New SCAE roast profile log

During my years as trainer at London School of Coffee I have worked on improving the roast log we use at the training. Recently I have made a version for the new SCAE CDS for coffee roasting and you can download it for free using the link below in this post. The log reflects my […]

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Customize the fat percentage in your milk

First a warning: This is geeky, slightly – if at all – useful. It might be just me, but I think its fun.. Baristas play with all sorts of parameters. Why not play with the fat percentage of the milk? I have developed a method and a accompanying formula you can use. In the example below […]

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Research questions answered?

One of the main things on my mind is the lack of scientific knowledge on high quality aspects of coffee. Many initiatives are going (WCR, ASIC - please inform me of more initiatives!) on and it seems promising and I strongly wish to participate in this movement. In Denmark we have excellent opportunities to contribute in this […]

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Airflow in roasters with only one fan

In roasters with only one fan for both roasting and cooling, it sometimes gets slightly confusing to talk about the airflow in the roaster. During training with these kinds of roasters I have often heard people talk about ‘closing’ the airflow down or confusing what ‘high’ airflow means in a system where you always have high […]

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Just joined SCAE as creator of the certification system for coffee roasters

A few months ago Filip Åkerblom asked me on behalf of SCAE’s education committee to continue the work he had done the last 5 years on SCAE’s exam system for coffee roasters. Teaching coffee roasting at London School of Coffee since 2007 I feel that its right up my alley. My approach has been getting […]

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