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We will help you align your business processes around your business vision and customer segments with going deep (we simple procedures!!) in each of these nessesary competency pillars of a Successful Coffee Roastery

Morten Münchow started his consultancy career in 2007 and has been traveling the world since with primary focus on helping startup businesses in the early stages and it has brought him to locations such as:

United Kingdom, South Africa, South Korea, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Iceland, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Singapore, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Denmark.

You will get bespoke business advice on customer strategy, product range design, green coffee selection, roast profiling, blending and brewing, sensory evaluation,  workflow optimization and everything else you need to get sorted to have an efficient business.

But on top of that Morten is very conscious about how to help you align your business vision around you personal life vision, so that you make sure to enjoy the ride rather than getting overwhelmed as the business gets tough.

Please choose the duration of the consultancy visit.

If you choose to start with a 1 hour Video Conference call, that price of the Video Conference call will be deducted from the On site consultancy fee of any duration you might choose.

To learn more about CoffeeMind's consultancy strategy and tactics please listen to the podcast and/or see the Youtube video below:


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