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Get personal advice from Morten Münchow, who has been consulting and teaching coffeepreneurs since 2007.

We will go through your key frustrations, dreams, challenges and ambitions and analyse which steps makes most sense to focus on for you in short and long term based on our framework for The Perfect Coffee Roastery. We will spot the weakest link in the chain and create a plan with you to fill your process and compentency gaps  in your organization.

Get a thorough introduction to our education and consultancy approach in this webinar:

When you purchase a Conference Call you can book a timeslot here: calendly.com/coffeemind/60min

Please send a thorough email about the problem you would like to have solved or the gap in competency, knowledge or systems you would like us to fill for you.

I will use my experience and education material to point you in the right direction on different aspect of your quality processes and general business and send you a report with recommendations


Business, Coffee Roasting, Green Coffee, Milk Chemistry, Sensory


Dansk, English

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Video Consultancy

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