Sensory Training Kit & Program (ships end of February 2023)

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A comprehensive sensory training kit accompanied by four weeks of sensory training instructions through e-learning – designed to improve your sensory skills within four weeks! 

Ida Steen developed the program as part of her Ph.D. in Sensory Learning. It consists of an online training program where you train your sensory skills for 5-20 minutes daily and get immediate feedback. You just have to get online and follow the training instructions! We guarantee that you will improve your sensory skills by following the program. 

The training kit includes taste and smell samples for your daily training and contains:
– Red coloured glasses⁠
– Nose clip⁠
–  Two Jelly beans⁠
– Adaptation exercise⁠
– Seven blind-coded spices⁠
– Three CoffeeMind cupping evaluation card⁠s
– A4 and A5 CoffeeMind Flavour Wheels⁠
– Chemicals for weekly basic taste exercises (weighed out for easy use)⁠
– 24 blind-coded aroma vials⁠
– 15 blind-coded specialty coffee samples ⁠

It all comes together with access to a four-week sensory training program with instructions on our e-learning platform!⁠

You can pick up the training kit at CoffeeMind Academy in Copenhagen, or we can send it to you. Note that the shipment cost is on top of the Sensory Training Kit & Program price and will be calculated by check out. 

PLEASE NOTE that we will ship your training kit at the end of February 2023.

Days: 28 days of online training. Ideally, continuously, but you can plan it as it suits you. You will have access to the platform for three months after your purchase.

Time: whenever you can find 20 minutes during your day. 

Prerequisites: No experience is required.

Note! This course is ideal to combine with our onsite sensory skills assessment “Sensory Performance” course. Then you will know your sensory skills level before and after intensive training to understand your improvement and keep yourself motivated!

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