Sensory Basics

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This introductory course on sensory is meant as a basis for your understanding of how you can use sensory science in the coffee business. It covers our senses and how they influence our perception of flavour. The course teaches you how to set up a coffee tasting, and how to use the CoffeeMind flavour wheel. You will get hands-on tips on taste and evaluating a coffee most efficiently.

The course is designed and taught by Sensory scientist and Ph.D. candidate Ida Steen, who has been teaching all levels of sensory classes at CoffeeMind Academy in Copenhagen since 2014 and is currently running her Ph.D. research project on sensory learning.

You will get
• 55 minutes of video presentations divided into ten videos with sub-chapters
• Lectures on the five senses and how they influence our perception of flavour
• Hands-on videos with sensory experiences for you to try yourself
• Ten quizzes to make sure you understand and remember the video teachings
• A certificate with your name on it upon course completion

To get the full experience, you should have these materials ready when taking the course:
• A jelly bean or a coriander seed
• A paper clip
• A grapefruit
• A pinch of table salt
• 20 g sugar
• 1 g citric acid
• Three 0,5 liters water bottles
• 3-4 different coffees of your choice
• 5 cups (approximately 200 ml)
• 2 spoons
• 0.1 g precision scale
• Coffee grinder
• Electric kettle

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