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As the central ritual of the specialty coffee business CoffeeMind has a high amount of copping spoons passing through our lives and to help you startup your own coffee lab we have made our spoons available for you here on our webshop. The spoon has the CoffeeMind logo engraved.

Hygienic setup (the small spoon!)

It might seem a bit hysterical at first, but think about it: Often cupping is a ritual carried out by people from many different areas of the world at the same table. But even if you just do a cupping with your colleagues, it might be great, that you have a habit of not drinking of the same cup daily to reduce the number of sick days in the company.

We have implemented a simple system that prevents spread of infection between cuppers (illustrated on product picture no. 2): You take a sample from the cup with the small spoon and pour it onto the big spoon that is then the spoon that you take a sip from. Simple but efficient. It is recommended to have a size difference (or any other visual/tactile difference for that matter – plast vs. metal or other) between the two spoons as the cupper could quickly forget which one is the hygienic spoon and which one is the sipping spoon and then the whole point is lost.


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