Sensory Performance 12. November + 10. December 2021

Sensory Performance Course:
8 weeks of sensory and cognitive training!

This extensive Sensory Performance course is designed to improve your sensory skills within just 8 weeks regardless if you are a coffee, wine, beer or food lover!

Even though this is a general method for sensory learning we have incorporated the SCA Sensory Skills Foundation curriculum which enables the learner to participate in an online exam to acquire the SCA Sensory Skills Foundation diploma (certification fee from SCA is charged)

The course consists of two sensory skill assessments at the venue (test 1 and 2) with four weeks of e-learning for you to do at home in between each test and is developed by Ida Steen as part of her PhD in Sensory Learning.

Included in the e-learning is an online training program where you train your sensory and cognitive skills 10 minutes per day. You just have to get online and follow the training instructions!

Most of the days the training will include taste and smell samples for you to detect. You will receive a small training kit after each test.

  • Improve your sensory performance
  • Explore your cupping skills
  • Join intensive brain training: get better memory and attention
  • Access to online training material
  • Including sensory and brain training program
  • Get your skills and improvement tested three times
  • Personal feedback report after every test
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Get a tailored training program

Prerequisites: No experience required.

Days: 1 day of screening test x 2.
Starts at 10am and ends at 3pm.
The first day is 12. November and the second day is 10. December 2021 where you need to come to our academy in Copenhagen for assessments and instructions.


12 Nov 2021


10:00 am - 3:00 pm




University of Copenhagen - Food Science
Rolighedsvej 26,


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