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This game is inspired by the memory game as you probably remember from your childhood. Just in this game you use your sense of smell to find the matching pairs.

It is a combination of sensory and memory training. Not only will you have to remember the smell of the specific aromas but also where they are placed on the board game.
You win points for matching the pairs, for naming the correct aroma category and of course for detecting the specific aroma! Moreover you have the chance of winning extra points by challenging your competitors if you think you know an aroma and they don’t.

In the game there are 10 high quality aromas in small refill capsules designed to be distributed in the 20 bottles and even with regular use the aromas will stay fresh for approximately 2 years when refilled periodically with the supplied aroma capsules.

From a learning perspective this game turns aroma differentiation and identification from a boring learning by heart procedure to a fun and engaging activity that yourself and your employees will do for fun.

Please note: Shipment is not included in the price!

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Please note: Shipment is not included in the price.

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