Why Rate of Rise is a Bad Reference Point for Optimizing Coffee Roasting and what to do instead

Struggling to optimize your coffee roasting process? Do you feel confident about what you do while constantly jiggling the gas while roasting?

Join (On-site or Online) renowned coffee expert Morten Münchow during his free lecture during World of Coffee as he reveals the flaws in using rate of rise (RoR) as a reference point for coffee roasting and offers practical alternatives for improving your roasting process based on modern sensory science principles and CoffeeMind’s own research into sensory evaluation of roast profile modulation.

  • Learn why a constantly declining RoR is typical in roasting, despite consistent flame and airflow settings, and why it may indicate a misunderstanding of your roasting machine’s thermodynamics.
  • Discover why trying to control RoR through gas setting improvisations may lead to inconsistent results and delayed responses to deviations from your planned roasting profile.
  • Understand why RoR is not a reliable predictor of specific flavor outcomes, and why it may be ineffective for product development and consumer preference prediction.
    Find out why RoR curves can vary significantly between different machines, complicating the transfer and comparison of roast profiles across different roasters.
  • Uncover why the theory supporting the use of RoR lacks a structured cause-and-effect relationship and why it may be more practical to rely on fundamental variables like temperature, time, and color for actionable insights into the roasting process.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from Morten Münchow and take your coffee roasting expertise to the next level. Register now for  this exclusive presentation and unlock the secrets to optimizing your coffee roasting process. You will get tons of valuable insights that will save your time and money without having to pay a dime!



27 Jun 2024


11:40 am - 12:30 pm


Conference room @ World of Coffee 2024
Conference room @ World of Coffee 2024
Center Boulevard 9 - Indgang 7
Opening Hour
9:30 - 17

We have Room 6 in Hall B for the CoffeeMind seminars at World of Coffee 2024


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