Forget ‘Quality’ oriented Paper Shuffling cupping forms: Use Sensory Science for Effective Evaluations and Consumer Preferences predictions

Are you tired of outdated, non-scientific methods in sensory evaluation? Discover how cutting-edge sensory science can revolutionize your understanding of sensory evaluation as well as consumer preferences and how to connect the two.

After many years of teaching and training, CoffeeMind has a clear picture of the sensory evaluation techniques out there and what works and what doesn’t work (but keeps being practised), and we will present our view of this in this lecture where we will dive deep into the strange fact that both the wider coffee community as well as a lot of actual scientists are confused which means that they create and interpret sensory data in a directly wrong and non-scientific way!

What You’ll Learn:

1. The Essence of Scientific Data and Evidence

  • Understand the foundation of scientific data and what makes them objective rather than subjective (and why correctly collected sensory data are OBJECTIVE!)
  • Learn how to distinguish credible scientific evidence from mere conjecture.

2. Sensory Science Unveiled

  • Explore the Pangborn Sensory Science Trust’s Three-Stage Gate Model.
  • Delve into Discriminative, Descriptive, and Hedonic investigations to get a holistic understanding of sensory analysis.

3. Clearing the Confusion

  • Identify and rectify common misconceptions about sensory data that perplex even seasoned professionals.
  • Gain clarity on how to properly interpret sensory findings.

4. Publications to Avoid

  • Get an insightful critique of certain scientific publications that fall short of standards and should be approached cautiously (actually, they should never have been published in the first place).

5. What the Tooth Fairy and ‘quality’ data has in common

  • Learn the pitfalls of pseudo-scientific approaches and how to avoid them.
  • Learn about the ‘ontological status’ of data in general and how this applies to sensory data.

6. CoffeeMinds Sensory Training

  • Experience a scientific approach to sensory education that has been driven by Ida Steen in her industrial PhD about sensory learning in CoffeeMind, which was work we started almost a decade ago.
  • Learn from real-world applications and truly scientific training methodologies that are proven to work.

About the Presenter: Morten Müncow

Morten Müncow is the driving force behind CoffeeMind and has, together with his colleague Ida Steen, been investigating and practising a scientific approach to sensory education for more than a decade. With years of experience developing sensory training programs, Morten and Ida integrate rigorous scientific principles into practical training for professionals. Their deep understanding of sensory science is rooted in his extensive research and his role in advancing the methodologies used in sensory evaluation.

CoffeeMind is renowned for its scientifically robust approach to sensory training. It offers comprehensive programs that equip individuals with the skills needed to excel in sensory analysis.

Why Attend?

This event is a must for anyone involved in sensory evaluation, product development, or consumer research. Gain invaluable insights that will help you move beyond traditional methods and adopt a scientifically grounded approach to sensory science.

Register now to secure your spot and take your sensory evaluation skills to the next level!


29 Jun 2024


11:30 am - 12:20 pm




Conference room @ World of Coffee 2024
Conference room @ World of Coffee 2024
Center Boulevard 9 - Indgang 7
Opening Hour
9:30 - 17

We have Room 6 in Hall B for the CoffeeMind seminars at World of Coffee 2024


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