Four weeks of Sensory Training

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Welcome to four weeks of sensory training!

In your training kit, you will find four bags, one for each training week. They contain powders for basic taste dilutions, coffees, and aromas to detect every day. The idea is that you follow the instructions here in the online system, day by day. Every day there will be tasting and/or smelling exercises. You follow the preparation instructions, taste/smell, and answer the quiz- questions. After answering the quiz question the program will tell you what you just tasted or smelled.

In the kit, you will also find two Jelly beans, seven spices, and powders for a sweet, a sour, and a sweet + sour dilution. The instructions for how to use that you will find in the introduction to the course.

The red coloured glasses and the nose clip are for the exercises where we will focus mainly on taste (by blocking our nose with the clip) or when we want to cover any colour differences (red glasses on), to be sure that our evaluation is not influenced by our sense of sight.

We hope you will enjoy the training!

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