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The SCA Sensory Skills Online course aims to give you the best experience and learning from the comfort of your home. To maximize learning potential, there are a few exercises that demands preparation from your side as a course participant. These exercises intend to help you understand your senses, explore the diversity of sensory experiences in coffee and prepare you for working professionally with coffee!

The essential preparations are outlined in the lesson “Preparations for Sensory Skills Foundation”. You need to do these preparations yourself the day before the course. It primarily involves mixing stock solutions of basic tastes and getting all of your items ready!

This e-learning module also contains step by step guides that you can follow prior to taking part in the SCA Sensory Foundation Online. The lessons cover how to mix basic taste solutions and set up a cupping table in greater detail. You do not have to do all of these exercises before the course. They are simply meant as supplementary knowledge and additional exercises for further training after the course. However, the lessons may help in understanding why and how to prepare the essentials for the course.

After these introductory lessons you are ready to participate in the SCA Sensory Skills Online with our course AST.


If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the course AST:

Ida Steen



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