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Test, theory & training


Our sensory performance course is a two-day course + six weeks sensory training process designed to improve your sensory skills!

The first day is a skills assessment day where to get to know your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to taste and smell. You will get to try a range of sensory tests with the basic tastes, aromas and various coffees. All developed in order to identify exactly where you are. The day finishes with a sensory profiling: a coffee tasting where we use multivariate statistics to analyse the results.

The next day is planned to take you from where you are to the next level! We will start the day with theory on sensory methodology and continue by giving you feedback on the coffee tasting you did the previous day. Thereafter we will dig into the most interesting aspects of sensory science, give you methods used for quality control and continue the sensory training!

After the two-day course we will provide you with an online training program that encourage you to start a journey to improve your sense of taste and smell through a sensory and cognitive training program.   


If you work with coffee or any other food product you know how essential your sense of taste and smell is, especially for quality assurance. Considerable research has proven that we can improve our senses through training, in the same way as we can train to become a faster runner, we can also train to become a better coffee taster!

Sign up if you want to become better, and would like to know more about your sense of taste and smell. As for example if you want to be sure that you can distinguish between bitter and acidic, recognise umami, detect black currant or green apple, or get to know your sensitivity to bitterness. In other words if you want to feel more confident when tasting coffee and trust your own sense of smell and taste, this course is for you.


The course consists of a sensory skills assessment day, a training and knowledge day and thereafter six weeks of online training proved to improve the sensory performance of coffee tasters. You just have to get online and follow the training instructions with your own sensory-kit with props!

You receive a small training kit with ingredients and instructions on how to prepare solutions of the five basic tastes. You will also receive aroma samples to train your sense of smell and a list of ideas on how to train alongside the online training.

Prerequisites & Certification

  • No experience required
  • The course provides you with key information enabling you to get your Sensory Performance Certification
  • This is not a SCA certicifation, but a CoffeeMind certification proved to improve your sensory performance
  • No exams

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