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CoffeeMind has been publishing scientific papers for many years and recently we reached 12 published papers. In all modesty all our research is inspired by our many years of education and consulancy so we feel we have created the best collection of practical relevant research you can find anywhere. And becuase this is the basis of all we do we wanted to make sure that all this research reaches your library as one of the first ressources we could bring you. All the papers are really quite deep and perhaps a bit difficult, but if you just read the abstract, the introduction and the conclusions it is our opinion that you will get a very clear picture of a lot of really relevant aspects of your coffee life!

Our scientific papers:

Our books

Written by Ida Steen and Morten Münchow during our period of heavy involvement with SCA with focus on making it easy for people new to the coffee business to get into the specialty coffee world. In these books there are no difficult concepts or strange words. Just a soft, easy (and correct!) introduction to coffee roasting and sensory methodology for people new to coffee!

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