The Perfect Coffee Roastery

Stop following somebody else’s curves!!!

Become your own roast profile
modulation wizard

November 30th 3pm
Central European Time

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Spend 90 minutes (45 min presentation + 45 minutes Q&A) with Morten Münchow to go through CoffeeMind’s evidence based competency model for creating Your Perfect Coffee Roastery.

With simplicity in mind and integrating the sensory aspect of all decisions we have created the perfect roadmap for you to follow to finally understand all all the what’s, why’s and how’s of executing your dream as a roastery startup (or even experienced who need a refreshing brain wash from all the anecdotes that has accumulated in the global coffee roasting community over the last 50 years!)

Topics Included:

  • How to align your business around your personal life vision
  • How to gain control over your roast profiles and execute them as simply as playing Angry Birds!
  • How to setup simple experiments and trust your results from a technical and sensory aspect
  • How to map your experiments to your consumer model
Morten Münchow
  • Roasted his first batch of coffee in 2005
  • Has been teaching more than 1600 individuals in small groups of 6-8 the craft of coffee roasting at London School of Coffee and CoffeeMind Academy in Copenhagen
  • Consulting more than 30+ roasteries world wide
  • Is author of 11 scientific papers
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