Solveig Münchow


Meet the woman next to the man!

I am not only a partner in CoffeeMind, but also Morten’s personal partner.

I have studied Italian and German language, culture and history at the University of Aarhus (DK) and I have lived and studied in both countries several times.

Through 10 years of experience of working for a web based travel agency specialized in the Italian market, I have gained a profound knowledge of the market, customer’s needs and translating their wants and needs into reality. In addition to my experience within communication in different languages, guidance and customer services, I also have a solid experience in handling web based service products and administration.

This makes me the perfect fit for handling the administrative department of CoffeeMind, and I am always ready to answer your  questions whether it is about our products and services, or practical information of any kind.

Please do not hesitate to contact me!

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