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Stop following somebody else’s curves!!!
Become your own roast profile modulation wizard and sensory judge with our two e-learning courses offered with huge discount here

The short version:

Bundle with 2 Elearning courses with total 6 hours of Video, 30+ quizz’es + certificates + 7 other digital products.

Normal price €205 but here you get it for €50.

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From Morten Münchow and Ida Steen CoffeeMind Academy, Copenhagen

RE: Your simple and clear learning journey as a coffee roaster

Dear Coffee Friend,
It’s a FACT – most coffee roasters are really confused when it comes to being certain about what is important – and what is not – when they try to control their roaster (=design roast profiles) and tries to form and trust their own opinion about the outcome of these experiments. Should you focus on curve shape analysis or trust your own sensory evaluations?

How ‘should’ it taste and how to confidently approach customers with your coffees at all? Have you been wasting a lot of time throwing out batches just because the curve looks wrong? Do you want to design your own roast profiles with complete confidence and certainty using simple scientific principles but don’t know where to start? And have you always thought about such clarification as an expensive investment involving expensive full-day courses and travel?
With our online e-learning courses this is not the case!

Roast Profile Design Basics

..makes it easy for you to feel that you are in total control so you can design your own roast profile using simple scientific principles.

It takes as a foundation the fundamental thermodynamics of your particular machine in a small little exercise that makes it as easy to create predictable roast profiles as playing the first few rounds of Angry Birds!

Claim your access now and we’ll get you started with the Coffee Roasting Design Basics immediately.

Sensory Basics

Sensory Basics is a fun and engaging online sensory course. It makes it easy for you to get a birds eye perspective of what sensory evaluation and training is so that you can become the coffee expert of your dreams in no time.

It is full of practical insigths with a lot of theory and practical excercises to illustrate the theory. No non-sense and fluffy theory here but only practical and actionable stuff!

Claim your access now and we’ll get you started with the Sensory Basics course immediately.


Normal Price: 205

Offer Price: Just 50

Yes… for about the price of a few bags of coffee, you can get access to a frameworkthat took us 25+ years to clarify through practical experience and scientific research!

To get Cutting Edge Coffee Roasting and Sensory Skills Expertise In less than 1 day for only EUR 50

“Design your own roast profiles and understand all the why’s and how’s about it.
Lear this wihout wasting Time and Money In The Process In As Little As 1 Day”

The short cut to success with coffee roasting

every startup coffee roaster needs (which is also a relieving clarification for experienced roasters who are often confused by all the conflicting claims and methods they have been exposed to for years).

E​verything you need

for understanding roast profiling and Sensory Evaluation in one place as well as the science behind.

The absolute best way to aquire the basis for a critical eye

​​The absolute best way to aquire the basis for a for sense and non-sense (pseudo science, bro-science, ‘good stories’ that are just not true) in coffee roasting and sensory education every startup coffee roaster needs to not get caught in fruitless rabbitholes!

​​Makes it step-by-step simple

​​Makes it step-by-step simple for you to get the basis to feel like and be percieved as a skilled coffee roasting expert in no time.

​​Helps you understand

​​Helps you understand exactly how to create a minimalistic and well documented model for Customer Segmentation, Product Development and Quality Control.

Answers the question

​​Answers the question “Which roast parameters and which experiments should I do to get the best out of me green coffee” once and for all.

Gives you the keys

​​ Gives you the keys to become a respected and self secure coffee roaster without the headaches.

Are you frustrated with all the anecdotal and conflicting approaches to Coffee Roasting and Sensory Evaluation?

We can give you a simple and scientific model for how to use Roast Profiling and Sensory Evaluation in Product Development and Quality control! In less than a day – which is today – no travel required!

What Others Are Saying About This Training

Recommendations from Google reviews

Morten Münchow and Ida Steen are founders of CoffeeMind and have been

teaching more than 1900+ individuals in small groups of 6-8 people

Published 12 Scientific Papers

Consulted 30+ startup roasteries world wide since 2007

SPC, South Korea 2007
Origin, South Africa 2009
VOL1, Kuwait 2014
2º NORTH COFFEE CO, Singapore 2015
Beans Coffee, Holland 2022
Partisan Café Artisanal, Paris 2022

We have contributed to the global coffee community by leading the way for eductation

  • 2013-2018 Morten was lead creator of SCAE/SCA’s Roasting Curriculum.
  • ​​2014-2018 Ida was co-creator of SCAE’s/SCA’s Sensory Skills Curriculum

How you can master

Roast Profile Design

and develop confidence in your

Sensory Evaluation Skills

in a few hours on your

own coffee roaster and your own sensory lab

to make deliberate delicious coffees?

We have TWO amazing online e-learning courses for you that gives you exactly that!

These two courses covering the CoffeeMind approach to roasting and sensory skills learning covers the basics in a deep no-nonsense level you have not seen before. We only cover relevant, proven and practically actionable concepts and theories aimed at you customer strategy. No pointless rabbit holes or other time wasters as illustrated on the below picture that captures the essense of our proprietary competency road map for how we help Startup Roasters to success.

The two e-learning courses you can get at a huge discount here are the following, which covers coveres the Control, Experimentation and Evaluation step:

When You Get Access to

“Roast Profile Design Basics” +

“Sensory Basics”

(For Just €50)

You’ll Get All Of the below 7 Bonuses (Total value €145) For FREE!

Bonus #1 – Science Papers

“CoffeeMind’s 12 scientific papers”

Total Value: EUR 100

  • This a pdf with CoffeeMind’s complete collection of 9 Scientific articles which are normally behind paywall makes it easy to get your hands on the most recent research on the science of coffee roasting.
  • ​Understand the roasting process from a scientific perspective.
  • ​Use the scientific method to make decision and discuss coffee roasting with colleagues and peers.

Get This For FREE When You Order ‘Roast Profile Design Basics’ Today!

Bonus #2 – Flavour Wheel

“CoffeeMind’s Flavour Wheel” pdf

Total Value: EUR 5

  • This a pdf with CoffeeMind’s Flavour Wheel in full print quality (scaleable vector graphics) gives you the keys to describe the aroma of coffees.
  • ​Teach and describe your coffees well to your audience.
  • ​​Know and use the relevant set of aromas by heart so that you can easily describe coffees to colleagues, peers and customers.

Get This For FREE When You Order ‘Roast Profile Design Basics’ Today!

Bonus #3 – CoffeeMind’s Cupping Form + Roast Iteration

“CoffeeMind’s Cupping Form and Roast Iteration business card” pdf

Total Value: EUR 5

  • CoffeeMind’s Cupping form is solving the scoring of coffees inspired by Sensory Descriptive analysis and consumer science by just focusing on comparing intensities of coffees in a specific project and scoring the ‘expected suitability’ of the coffees for the customer segment addressed in the business model.
  • ​The other side of the card contains the necessary (and sufficient!) parameters for roast planning and evaluation in a handy format where you have all your thoughts and conclusions of all your roasts in a handy pile of business cards that are easy to later bring to the cupping table
  • This integrated roast planning, parameter evaluation and sensory evaluation is the system that contains Coffeemind’s unique ‘Plan, Execute, Learn’ (don’t improvise!) that all CoffeeMind Alumni (1600+) are familiar with

Get This For FREE When You Order ‘Roast Profile Design Basics’ Today!

Bonus #4 – Roast Color Correlation Table

“CoffeeMind’s Color correlation framework”

Total Value: EUR 5

  • This a pdf with CoffeeMind’s Roast Color Correlation table. Javalytics, Lighttells, MyTonino, ColorTrack makes it simple to convert values between different roast color measurement standards.
  • ​Read teaching material and blogs using other color standards than your equipment and still relate it to your situation.
  • Talk with others even though the use and report color values with different equipment.

Get This For FREE When You Order ‘Roast Profile Design Basics’ Today!

Bonus #5 – CoffeeMind’s Roast Colour Palette 3d Print file

“CoffeeMind’s Roast Colour Palette 3D print file”

Total Value: EUR 10

  • A simple practical way to nail the end colour on each roast using a colour reference that you put in the middle of the plate
  • ​Many people don’t care about measuring color because they are all caught up looking at matching curves (important and necessary but not sufficient!)
  • ​And even if they try to nail the color they often have a small amount of reference in their hand or in a cup but comparing a small amount with a small amount does not provide you the basis of making a precise decision. But comparing a big amount to a big amount gives you down to +/- 1 Agtron of precision in your decisions. Good for exams and narrow daily QC protocols

Get This For FREE When You Order ‘Roast Profile Design Basics’ Today!

Bonus #6 – CoffeeMind’s Roasting Foundation E-book

“CoffeeMind’s Roasting Foundation E-book”

Total Value: EUR 10

  • An introduction to Coffee Roasting for beginners
  • ​Written by Morten Münchow in 2018 to cover SCAE/SCA’s Roasting Foundation curriculum of which Morten was lead creator from 2013-2018
  • ​”Keep it simple”
  • ​​With a bonus chapter about entrepreneurship theory and praxis

Get This For FREE When You Order ‘Roast Profile Design Basics’ Today!

Bonus #7 – CoffeeMind’s Sensory Foundation E-book

“CoffeeMind’s Sensory Foundation E-book”

Total Value: EUR 10

  • An introduction to Sensory Evaluation for beginners
  • ​Written by Ida Steen in 2018 to cover SCAE/SCA’s Sensory Skills Foundation curriculum of which Ida was co-creator from 2014-2018
  • ​​​”Keep it simple”
  • ​​Includes a lot of practical exercises for you to do at home to improve your sensory skills!

Get This For FREE When You Order ‘Roast Profile Design Basics’ Today!

There is no catch!

We making this incredible offer because we have seen so many confused beginners and even a lot of coffee roasting experts who are chasing ghosts while trying to understand the core of coffee roasting. We just want to reach out to help our community to get a simpler and clearer foundation with less confusion so we want this e-learning course to reach the outer edges of our community!

We have found that our approach is suitable for both beginners and experts as both audiences finds the simplicity refreshing and clarifying.

All you need to do is register and you can get started right away (even if it’s 2:00 a.m. in the morning wherever you are in the world

Here’s One Last Recap Of Everything You’ll Get If You Jump On This Offer Today

You will get Instant Access To The

“Roast Profile Design Basics” and “Sensory Basics”

e-learning Training

plus all the below bonuses

  • Instant Access To ‘Roast Profile Design Basics’ (Value €30)
  • Instant Access To ‘Roast Profile Design Basics’ (Value €30)
  • ​CoffeeMind’s 9 scientific published papers ( Value €10)
  • ​CoffeeMind’s Flavour Wheel (Value €5)
  • CoffeeMind’s Cuppring form + Roast Iteration pdf ( Value €10)
  • CoffeeMind’s Color correlation framework (Value €5)
  • CoffeeMind’s Colour Palette 3D print file (Value €10)
  • CoffeeMind’s Roasting Foundation E-book (Value €10)
  • CoffeeMind’s Sensory Foundation E-book (Value €10)

Total Value: €205

Today Just €50

You save €155 (76%!)

Thats pretty much everything.If you want to quicky get clear on the basics on how to create delicious coffees without wasting your precious time going through all the trial and error, this extremely affordable e-learning courses + bonuses is your shortcut to success!

Thanks again

Morten Müynchow and Ida Steen

P.S. Don’t forget all the bonuses you get that you can’t find elsewhere and is only available for a short time. So act now to make sure to also get all the bonus goodies 🙂

About The Creators

Ida Steen, CoffeeMind Academy, Copenhagen
PhD Candidate
SCA Sensory courses and Sensory performance

Sensory Scientist and trainer

In order to develop the sensory mechanisms of coffee, I undertake further investigation for the industry interested in sensory profiling. Based on this, I train professional coffee tasters in order to have an expert panel specialized in coffee to be used in future studies.

As I have always been interested in the world of gastronomy, it seemed natural to me to study Gastronomy and Health at the University of Copenhagen. After graduating in September 2014 I gained employment as a sensory scientist in CoffeeMind.

During my studies I started a sensory project about coffee in cooperation with Morten, and for the first time I began to understand the amazing world of coffee. Coffee was something that I decided I wanted to develop a deeper understanding of, and therefore I chose to write my master’s thesis about it. I investigated how the serving temperature influences the sensory experience of a cup of coffee. This was the beginning of my increasing interest in coffee.

Morten Münchow, CoffeeMind Academy, Copenhagen
MA in Biology and Philosophy
SCA coffee roasting courses & consultancy

Coffee roasting expert and scientist

I have regularly consulted with a variety of different sized roasteries around the world, including several times in South Korea, United Kingdom, South Africa, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Iceland, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Singapore, Kuwait and Denmark.

I have conducted research on cappuccino foam chemistry, roast defect, water quality, processing methods, starter cultures, sensory science, roasting defect, behavioral economics of consumer preferences, focus groups, roast degree preferences.

As a trainer, consultant and researcher, I am always interested in having a chat, or answering any possible questions that you may have, so please feel free to contact me any time!

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