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Gain an insight into the broad subject matter of coffee roasting from Foundation level, to a deeper understanding at the Intermediate and then Professional level with our SCA Coffee Roasting courses. Are you considering starting your own coffee shop perhaps? Then read more about the 2-day Lean Startup course. Do you need some help analyzing your roast profiles perhaps? This is possible with our online Roast Profile Development process

Morten Münchow, CoffeeMind’s coffee roasting expert

– has a long and broad career as consultant for many coffee roasters in the world and can work on your project whether you are an early stage startup who needs to build workflow and product range from scratch or you need to improve quality or improve your products relevance for your customers.

If you consider to hire Morten please note that his travel calendar is booked 6-10 months ahead but often a 1 hour video conference session can be booked within a week and be really fruitful

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