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From browning reactions to the flavours we love

Roasting is perhaps one of the most important processing steps of creating the cup of coffee that we know and love.

In its simplicity, the roasting process revolves around the application of heat to the green bean material. The process creates the most important flavour compounds through browning reactions and can be modulated in endless ways, which allows for the creation of a ton of different flavour experiences.

It is up to you as a roast-master to figure out which flavour characteristics you wish to bring to your customers.

A toolkit to create dream products

There are several elements to coffee roasting, despite the simplicity of the process itself.

Roasting has become a science where we can explain why small changes create big differences in the final product. Chemical and physical compositions affect sensory properties and can be used to develop products that consumers love. At our courses, we help you to create the products that fit your customer’s preferences and makes your business succeed.

Roasting journey

We offer three Coffee Roasting courses. Kickstart your roasting career with Roasting Foundation and advance into Roasting Intermediate and Professional.

Roasting Foundation

Kickstart your roasting career | 1 day

You are taken through the most important fundamentals of the roasting process to understand what roasting is, and how you can control it. Whether you plan to roast professionally or as a hobby, the Foundation course covers what you need to know to get started. The course includes theoretical and hands-on practical aspects to maximize your learning.

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Roasting Intermediate

Advance your knowledge and skills | 3 days

Our aim is to take your skills as a coffee roaster to the next level. It is assumed that you already have some experience in roasting, but wish to further your knowledge of the science behind roasting. You’ll gain experience in how to control the process and produce consistently great products. We dive deeper into theoretical principles such as the mechanisms of heat transfer, how different roast profiles alter the physical structure of the bean and how to develop the flavour profile of the final brew.

Read more €1.200

Roasting Professional

Become a Roast Leader | 4 days

We take your knowledge and skills of the roasting process to the highest level. It’s a 4-days course with two full days of roasting and additional theoretical learnings. We’ll dive into chemistry, product development, and business organization. Our focus is on gaining full control over the roasting machine and the most important parameters of process control.

By completing the course you will have the knowledge and experience to have a structured approach when roasting, and learn universal principles that allow you to design your desired roast profile on any machine!

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