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CoffeeMind has been working with scientific exploration of coffee since 2003

Since 2011 we have worked most intensely on coffee roasting and sensory science even though we are also doing projects on behavioral economics, business model innovation (for coffee roasteries), green coffee fermentation and fertilization, brewing, and coffee chemistry.

Since 2013 Morten Münchow has been part time employed on behalf of SCA at Department of Food Science as external lecturer to create coffee research for the Specialty Coffee Community.

Ida Steen started her industrial PhD in 2015 in Sensory Learning with the intention to improve the way sensory skills are trained for the benefit of the community and particularly the education and certification systems.

Jesper Alstrup is working specifically to integrate CoffeeMind’s two strong pillars of roasting and sensory in his work with sensory evaluation of roast profile modulations


- see abstracts below:



Project name SCAE CDS category Subjects
Sensory profiling and consumer survey of different roast degrees Sensory; Roasting Sensory
Sensory aspects and brew chemistry of coffees brewed with Reverse Osmosis, Ion Exchange vs Hard tap water Brewing Sensory; Chemistry
The Influence of Water Temperature on Brewed Coffee Using Instrumental and Sensory Measures Brewing; Sensory Sensory; Chemistry
Starbuck ́s brand effects – distinguishing unconscious ́wanting`and conscious liking in consumers’ choice of coffee brand Sensory Behavioral Econ; Sensory
The effect of roasting, extraction time and temperature on coffee’s ingredients studied using NMR and GC-MS Green Coffee; Roasting; Brewing; Sensory Sensory; Chemistry
Acute effects of light and dark roasted coffee on glucose tolerance: A randomized, controlled cross-over trial in healthy subjects Green Coffee; Roasting Physiology
Determination of the parameter “clean cup” as a flavour descriptor for coffee, based on sensory evaluation of six different roast profiles Roasting; Sensory Sensory; Chemistry
Steam-Frothing of Milk for Coffee: Evaluation for Foam properties using Video Analysis and Feature Extraction Barista Dairy; Visual
Influence of serving temperature of coffee on sensory perception, consumer evaluation and aroma release Sensory; Brewing; Barista Sensory; Chemistry
Will exposure to high quality coffee shift purchasing habits? Sensory Behavioral Econ; Economics
How coffee quality affects the drinking dynamics of high quality oriented customers Sensory Sensory; Behavioral Econ
Optimizing coffee aroma analysis. Coupling dynamic head space and stir-bar-sorptive-extraction (SBSE) and optimum sampling time Green Coffee Chemistry
Aroma chemistry (GC-MS) and liquid analysis (NMR) of Green Coffee Processing (Natural, Pulped Natura and Washed) Green Coffee; Sensory; Roasting Chemistry; Sensory
Lean Startup Methodologies in Specialty Coffee startups Roasting Management
Investigating factors leading to Clogging of the milk system in fully automatic coffee machines Barista Chemistry; Dairy
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