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Our teaching and consultancy track record span across more the 14 countries around the world, and still counting!

What our customers says

We had Morten involved in our Company event back in 2009, where he was asked to host a Coffee Brewing session with a group of 40 people and teach them the way to brew the best cup of coffee. As well Morten delivered the Coffee during the event where a total of 300 people attended. The message back was that it had been the best experience ever when it came to the quality and professionalism of the coffee.

Jarl Ross

– Sr. Manager at Accenture Copenhagen

Thanks for an incredible inspiring barista course for our 60 new employees! I would say – super cool!
And there has been good sport in coffee with delicious brown surface! Biggest success experience, however, was this morning when I saw a former employee and made him a cup of coffee … And he said it was one of the best coffees long / ever …. Eminent!
Thanks for all the tricks;)

Mette Mynderup

– Operations Manager, MASH London

Dear Morten

Thank you a lot for the “How to start a roastery” course from London School of Coffee. I really learned a lot. Before taking your course I’ve had my doubts about the cost, practicality and business wise usefulness of it, giving the fact that I already had roasting experience. I couldn’t be more wrong, as it was totally worth it, until the last euro cent.

YUME Coffee Roasters
– Romania

I want to thank you for supervising the coffee course.
It was useful, helpful, interactive and practical. For me, the most important points were planning, being conscious about what you are doing and understanding what is going on in the bean during the roast process.
In just two days after training end, I already could make a use of what we learnt.

Intõdy Gábor

– Hungary

Morten can teach complex chemistry to non-chemists, and make it seen fun and simple.

Per Nordby

– Roaster at KAFFA, Sweden

I just wanted to get a message to you to say that I set up my Roastery business shortly after doing the London School of Coffee course with you at the helm nearly two years ago now. Everything is going in the right direction and I am loving what I am doing. I found you such an inspiration and the Roasting course absolutely fascinating.

With very best wishe

Christopher Rayner-Green

– The Suffolk Coffee Company, United Kingdom

Morten has been a lecturer in, and a very important part of, the Beige Barista Certification Programme since 2005. He has a unique knowledge that he also conveys a great way. He has in consultation with me, created customized presentations for Beige senior and master’s degrees. Mortens involvement has always been much appreciated. He has received excellent reviews in our evaluations. Morten is not only a good speaker but also an enjoyable and reliable person to work with.

Gunilla Steinwall

– Head of Beige-project, Svensk Mjölk/Swedish Dairy Association

This is just to say how much I enjoyed the coffee roasting course yesterday. It was really interesting, informative and inspiring. Di and I spent the whole journey back to Sheffield planning our first coffee shop! Please pass on thanks again to Morten for a wonderful day.

Rainy Hutchinson

– Sheffield, United Kingdom

I have collaborated with Morten on several student projects dealing with steam frothing of milk for coffee. Morten is highly competent and enthusiastic when spreading knowledge about coffee. He has excellent communication skills and is very serious about his work.

Richard Ipsen

– Professor at University of Copenhagen, Dairy technology

Morten is a fabulous trainer, has expert knowledge in his fields and is able to transmit his enthusiasm and knowledge for his subjects to students with ease and good humour. Highly recommended!

Grant Rattray

– Managing Director of the Cup of Excellence, United Kingdom

Morten flew from Copenhagen to Florence to provide to all La Marzocco employees a seminar on Milk. Other than being very professional, Morten was great in adapting his lecture to our business needs.

Lorenzo Carboni

– Sales Manager at La Marzocco, Italy


  • Creator of the Coffee Roasting Track at SCAE Certification Diploma System since 2013
  • Research project incubator on Coffee Quality (formally ‘External lecturer’) at Department of Food Science, Copenhagen University
  • Roast master at Kontra Coffee 2005-2007 and Freelance Quality consultant at the company since 2007
  • Teacher / Trainer at London School of Coffee since 2007
  • International consultant for Mercanta / London School of Coffee since 2007
  • Nordic Barista cup lecturer 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2011
  • Creator of the Coffee Roasting Track at SCAE Certification Diploma System since 2013
  • Scientific innovation and product development for the Danish Dairy Naturmælk since 2006
  • Used as a lecturer / trainer in Stockholm for Beige from 2005 to 2008
  • Investigating cappuccino foam from a scientific perspective with Professor Richard Ipsen, Dairy technology since 2004
  • Did a univeristy project on teaching the chemistry of espresso brewing for baristas in 2004
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