Online Lean Startup Process

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Reduce financial risk by gaining local market insight early in your startup process. Perhaps even before investing in roasting equipment. This online process provides you with evidence based knowledge on your local market preferences for different customers segments.

CoffeeMind are experts in building relevant product ranges with Morten Münchow’s background as teacher and consultants for startups since 2007 which includes green coffee selection, blending and roasting and combined with Ida Steen’s methods from Sensory and Consumer Science from Department of Food Science in Copenhagen. Involving us in your startup phase will ensure that you work from the highest of quality perspectives with the best methods to expose the local market preferences for you.

Online Local Customer Survey and Focus Group kopiUpon purchase you get

  1. A one hour Skype session to clarify the process and support in describing you local customers segments with development of personas for each segment.
  2. A link to an online survey you will run in your local community on customer segments you have chosen and described
  3. A report with the result of the survey is generated using state of the art consumer science methodology and statistics
  4. A Skype session where we build the product range based on what we learned from the consumer survey
  5. We will roast the product range in our lab in Copenhagen and ship it (cost pr kg and shipping is not included and you will be invoiced separately for this)
  6. Templates to run a focus group where you invite participants using the persona description and expose them to the products and learn from their reaction and comments
  7. A Skype session where we conclude the process and define the final evidence based product range matching the customer segments that is described and evaluated during the process. Green coffee purchase planning based on the designed product range and estimated turnover will be the outcome of the last step in this process.

Methods involved:

  • Lean Startup (Eric Ries)
  • Business Model Canvas (Alexander Osterwalder)
  • Scientific Consumer analysis methods
  • Roast profile development
  • blending
Type of service

Video Consultancy


Business, Coffee Roasting, Green Coffee, Sensory

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