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Win a Roasting or Sensory book or a Smell&Tell game.

At CoffeeMind, we care a lot about delivering relevant services and products for our customers and want to understand your needs better. To do this, we have developed a short three-minute survey to help us build a better picture of your specific requirements and how you would like to hear from us.

Please take a moment to fill out this questionnaire and you automatically participate in the competition.

In the lottery we have this price pool:

– 10 Roasting Foundation and 10 Sensory Foundation books that we release in February in a revised version link:
– 2 Smell&Tell games ( that will also be released in February
– 2 seats on upcoming Sensory Performance 30th of January

The winners of Sensory Performance will be announced Friday the 12th of January next week and winners of the books and Smell&Tell will be announced the 9th of February.

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