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Milk for Coffee

Scientific exploration of Milk for Coffee has been a hobby for Morten since 2003 where he first started his interest for coffee. His first appearance with a presentation in milk…

business models of coffee roasteries

The work with mapping out business models of coffee roasteries is not done yet, but you can participate yourself by going to this survey: And get some more background by…

Roasting Foundation and Research

Morten went to Australia to share his work with SCA's certification system from both a teaching and research perspective at the Knowledge Talks event



#WOCAMSTERDAM Europe’s largest coffee trade show is heading to RAI Amsterdam in 2018. CoffeeMind will attend  

SCA Sensory Skills Foundation 24. April 2018

Learn the essential elements required within Sensory evaluation. Through practical and interactive methods, you will gain expertise within taste and smell and learn how to apply it to the evaluation of speciality coffee.
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